The Lombardi Family - Victims of False Arrest, Unlawful Search and Excessive Force

On March 15, 2008, at approximately 10:00 p.m., Lisa Cress, Daniel Lombardi and their two children, aged eleven and twelve, were asleep in their home. They were awakened by the deafening blasts of three grenades, shattering glass, and the terrifying
sight of masked men storming their home while carrying black machine guns. The masked officers claimed to have a search warrant but reeked of alcohol and appeared to be drunk.

Mr. Lombardi was asleep on the living room couch directly under the window where the grenades were detonated while the rest of the family was sound asleep upstairs. Upon entry approximately four masked officers shoved Mr. Lombardi to the ground and restrained him with handcuffs. Mr. Lombardi laid helplessly on the ground, as the masked officers viciously assaulted him by pummeling, kicking and rubbing his face and head in broken glass.

Hearing the commotion, Mrs. Cress, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, started her way down the stairs. Although Mrs. Cress did not pose any threat to the officers, they maliciously and wantonly struck her in the face with a blunt object and violently shoved her down the remaining stairs. Mrs. Cress immediately told the officers that two children were upstairs. Knowing that the children posed no risk to the officers’ safety, the officers still kicked in the children’s door. The officers refused to allow these frightened kids to see their mother and the officers stood over them holding their assault rifles.

No drugs, weapons, or other contraband were recovered from the Cress/Lombardi home. Mr. Lombardi was treated at a local hospital where shards of glass were wiped from his face and head. He continues to suffer from severe emotional distress and frequent migraine headaches, including migraine symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Mrs. Cress received stiches near her left eye. She also suffered substantial bruising on her legs and neck and she continues to suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain, and prolonged anxiety resulting in the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder.