Julian Garcia – Victim of the Newark Police Department

Julian Garcia was assaulted, falsely arrested, wrongly imprisoned and maliciously prosecuted following incidents with the Newark Police Department.

Mr. Garcia was at Mr. and Mrs. Downey’s residence when approximately six Newark police officers raided the home without a warrant, probable cause, or reasonable suspicion. The officers pointed their guns at Mr. Garcia and friends and ordered them up against the wall. All of the weaponless individuals were unlawfully searched and the officers found no contraband.

Mrs. Downey and Mr. Garcia were violently attacked by Police Officer Fabio. The Officer threw Mr. Garcia to the ground, choked him and stated, “I’ll kill you mother fucker.” He then kicked Mr. Garcia twice while he was helplessly lying on the ground. Mr. Garcia suffered substantial pain and bruising.

While being transported to the police station, Police Officer Bagnano also punched Mr. Garcia in the face and took his cell phone. At the Green Street police station, Mr. Garcia was slammed into walls and detained for thirteen days before a judge released him.

In response to the incident, Mr. Garcia filed a complaint with the Internal Affairs Unit of the Newark Police Department. Two months later, the Newark Police Department received a report of a robbery and swore out an arrest warrant naming Mr. Garcia. He was arrested four days later in spite not matching the description of the wanted robber in the case. He was subsequently detained for four months before he was released and all charges were dropped.