Daquan Bruce - Wrongly incarcerated because of one eyewitness misidentification

“If they can get you, they get you, any way they can,” Daquan Bruce said.

A single eyewitness misidentification was the only piece of evidence linking Daquan Bruce to a murder in Manhattan. Bruce was wrongly incarcerated because an eyewitness claimed he saw then 22-year-old Daquan Bruce, shoot into a minivan and kill the passenger. The DNA from a gun recovered at the scene did not match Bruce.

The first trial ended in a mistrial but the Manhattan DA’s office attempted to try again. At the second trial, the sole witness took the stand and the prosecutor showed the witness a photo of someone other than Bruce. In a shocking ‘Perry Mason’ moment, the witness said, “that’s the shooter, that’s the shooter.” After that eyewitnesses mistake, the prosecutor agreed to release Bruce without bail on his murder charge. He had been in jail and denied bail for three and a half years.