Julius Adams' Story

“I was in handcuffs in a puddle of blood,” Adams said. “They tried to kill me. They literally tried to kill me.” “I want to see those cops get justice done by getting fired!” Adams said.

Julius Adams filed a civil action against the City of Atlantic City, nine police officers and three Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office employees, for injuries stemming from a police assault. Adams asserts that the police officers tried to kill him.

Prior to the assault, Adams was a victim of an unwarranted traffic stop in 2011 that resulted in false charges against him. In response, Adams filed an internal affairs complaint with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office about the police officer’s conduct. According to Adams, the Prosecutor’s Office took no action. When Adams appeared in court for the related charges, the ACPD officers threatened Adams suggesting that they would harm him at a later date.

Around midnight on February 28, 2012, Adams exited Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City with friends when two police officers, Officer Timek and another officer approached them. The officers stopped the men and ordered them to get up against a wall. One of the officers, referring to Adams, asked, “Is that him?” to which another officer responded, “Yeah, that’s him.”

Officer Timek let Adam’s friends go but proceeded to handcuff Adams. Additional officers pulled up to the scene and began beating Adams. Timek then unleashed his police dog from one of the police cars and ordered the canine to attack Adams. Adams was already restrained and handcuffed. The dog ran straight to Adam’s leg and started biting him.

Shortly thereafter, Sergeant Daryl Hall ordered a second canine to attack Adams while other officers continued to beat him. Sergeant Hall warned Adams friends that if they say anything, the same thing would happen to them. Adams lost some use of his leg, is in constant pain and still has nightmares. The case was settled on January 14, 2019.

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