Jose quinonez - Violently Assaulted and Falsely Arrested by a Newark Police Officer

While in plain clothes without showing his police badge, Police Officer Knight followed Mr. Quinonez brother and friend inside the gated area of Mr. Quinonez’s home. When Mr. Quinonez saw Police Officer Knight on his property, he told him to leave. Knight ran up the steps of the porch and violently assaulted Mr. Quinonez without provocation.

Knight threw Mr. Quinonez down the stairs and violently struck him in the head with his firearm. After Mr. Quinonez was handcuffed and lying helpless on the ground, Knight punched, kicked and shoved Mr. Quinonez face and head into the ground. Several neighbors observed the assault. As a result, Mr. Quinonez suffered substantial pain, and abrasions.

Following Knights vicious and unproved assault, he initiated criminal charges against Mr. Quinonez for aggravated assault against a police officer. Mr. Quinonez was detained for nearly two weeks.

Knight was investigated at least sixty-two times by the Internal Affairs Department. Of those sixty-two investigations, at least twenty-six stemmed from citizens complains involving misconduct, excessive force, or improper arrest. Of the twenty-six complaints raised by Newark citizens, zero were sustained.