Bonjean Law Group, PLLC is a boutique law firm that specializes in criminal defense and civil rights litigation. At Bonjean Law Group, our role is simple – we use our skills and expertise to fight for our clients’ causes and produce winning results.


Bonjean Law Group handles a full range of criminal cases. We specialize in the defense of serious felonies, including murder, robbery, sexual assault, drug and gun offenses, and white-collar financial crimes. We are particularly committed to exonerating the wrongly convicted and exposing those responsible for these grave injustices. We know that the criminal justice system is flawed and are dedicated to securing the freedom of the innocent. Our practice offers representation at the pre-indictment and trial stages of the criminal justice process in both state and federal courts. We also specialize in appellate advocacy, state post-conviction, and federal habeas corpus practice. With attorneys licensed in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and various federal jurisdictions, we are able to offer our legal expert services to a broad range of clients throughout the states of New York and New Jersey and the Greater Metropolitan Chicago areas.


Bonjean Law Group, PLLC handles a broad range of civil rights actions with a focus on claims involving police brutality, excessive force, unlawful arrests and searches, prosecutorial misconduct, and wrongful convictions. We are ardent advocates for the underdog and aggressively pursue justice for victims of police misconduct. Our motivation is simple – expose cops and prosecutors who abuse their authority and hold them accountable by any legal means available. Every person, no matter their status in society, is entitled to full protection under our Constitution. We firmly believe that the only way to deter rampant police and prosecutorial misconduct is through aggressive litigation. Our attorneys are licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois. We offer legal services to a variety of clients in the urban centers of these jurisdictions and beyond.