Stacy Bagaloo is Bonjean Law Groups litigation paralegal. Bagaloo is heavily involved in the discovery phase of all legal proceedings. She aids in the writing of preliminary discovery documents such as interrogatories, subpoenas and summons. She also conducts legal research and organizes and maintains all calendar dates, documentation and evidence to help prepare for depositions and trials. Additionally, Bagaloo deals with potential clients on a daily basis to gather information and determine if they are good candidates for Bonjean Law Group.

Bagaloo grew up in Palm Beach, Florida. She went to college at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, which is a professional television and film acting school. She has appeared in two feature films, off-Broadway plays and other theatrical productions.

She started working for Bonjean as her personal assistant and became intrigued by her work. Bagaloo watched Bonjean tirelessly work to a free Stanley Wrice, a man wrongly incarcerated for 31 years. Bagaloo was with Bonjean when she received her Humanitarian of the Year Award. She quickly realized the importance of working for individuals who did not have the resources to defend themselves. She understood the severity of civil rights violations and she wanted to be a part of the same fight Bonjean advocated for every day.

Bonjean recognized Bagaloo’s passion for criminal defense and civil rights law. She encouraged Bagaloo to attend paralegal school so she could work more closely with the litigation process. Bagaloo received a Paralegal Certificate from Pace University.

At Pace, Bagaloo took numerous legal courses including torts, family law, contracts and New York procedure. She also took skills courses that specifically taught her how to write subpoenas, summons, motions, and how to conduct legal research. Bagaloo graduated from Pace on Bonjean’s birthday in 2014. She has since attended depositions, court hearings and has worked diligently to help Bonjean Law Group succeed.